Puppy Herder (ovalescent) wrote,
Puppy Herder


Well Friday sucked! The blender broke so no smoothies for a while.

Raisin toast for breakfast, and then I sort of skipped lunch. We went to the "City Cafe" in Trumann for dinner with Bob's mom, and I had chicken and dressing, salad, sweet potatoes, fried squash, peach cobbler for dessert, and a diet coke to drink. Our smoothie that night was banana, carambola and plum since we were out of peaches.

Our guts were all torn up from eating something terrible at the restaurant Thursday, so I had raisin bread for breakfast AND lunch. Dinner was turkey fajitas and rice, with chips, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, etc. Our blender-breaking smoothie was banana-strawberry-plum.

I had toast for breakfast again, and then I for dinner I made turkey meatloaf with layered salad and Bob made some rice.

Today: I slept in way too late so I just had grits for lunch, and then we went out to eat AGAIN for dinner - The "Especial Jalisco" at La Cabana, which consisted of a chicken enchilada and chicken burrito with rice and beans.
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